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Fortune Global 500 Pacific Construction Group Was Settled in Xinjiang
Dean Yan Jiehe Had a Meeting again with Bob Hawke, Former Premier of Australia, in Shanghai.
Chairman Yan Hao Attended 2016 Fortune CEO Summit
Yan Jiehe attends “The Fifth International Infrastructure Investment & Construction Summit Forum”
The Founder of CPCG Yan Tied Sino-Australia Relationship with His “New Analects”
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Sustainability—Six Sister Flowers 

Orchid—The New Analects
As a greatly evolved, iconoclastic Sinology in the backdrop of China’s market economy, the New Analects of Confucius breaks away from the conviction of “Traditional Sinology the Uppermost”, carries upon the proven truth and prove cultural innovations. It aims at catalyzing the transition out education system from heritage-inculcation to creativity-orientation, from regurgitation to digestive and critical thinking.

Peony—The CPCG CEO Forum for Chinese and Foreign Political and Business Leaders
Founded by Yan Jiehe, the annual CPCG forum is one of the most influential events addressing international trends and issues in China. The forum has become an increasingly important non-government channel for building mutually trusted and mutually benefited relations with out international partnership and friendship.

Jasmine—Enriching People and Thanks giving Forum 
CPCG has a series of annual events showcasing our gratitude to the society. We firmly believe that the rising Chinese private enterprises may shoulder the responsibilities to support China’s process in national quality and character.

Plum Blossom—The CPCG Individuality Scholarship
It shapes the minds and the future. CPCG advocates individual growth and development. Our CPCG Scholarship rewards educational initiatives, which unleash the young minds and creativity.

Lotus—Exploring China’s Charm City with Sustainable Development Potential
It was established by CPCG to showcase Chinese cities and towns that have successfully transformed into a microcosm of ‘smarter planet’ or ‘most livable planet’. It promotes innovative concepts and sustainable strategies for China’s urbanization processes.

Sweet Osmanthus —The Trilogy of Tough Business, Way of Business and God-man of Business      

It featured some of China’s best-kept stories about the precipitous growth of private enterprises over the past thirty years. This trilogy recorded vividly the ups and downs of well-known Chinese entrepreneurs, their pains and elations, their trials and wrongs, and their thrust into the irreversible path to the market economy while grappling with the last bastions of China’s planed economy.
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