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Mr. Yan Hao was Invited to Attend the Opening Ceremony of China Youth Entrepreneur Club
On June 21st2018, the opening ceremony of China Youth Entrepreneur Club was held in Beijing. Mr. Yan Hao was invited to attend the ceremony and deliver a keynote speech on behalf of the council representative of the club.
In his keynote speech, Mr. Yan Hao shared his ideas with presented guests and over 2 million netizens who have watched through livestream on entrepreneurship, inheritance and innovation of corporate culture.
Mr. Yan Hao points out that the word entrepreneur presents a scared position in his mind. It is his entire life’s pursuit to become a qualified or even an excellent entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur could only be made possible with hardships, ordeals and twists and turns. Since the past four decades of reform and opening-up, a company could only be successful if it can follow the trends of the times and continuously inherit and innovate the unique corporate culture.

 He also said that fortune, business model and products could all become the core competitiveness of a company. While the corporate culture presents the most fundamental as it defines the height the group could reach in the future.
We are now in the best era but it is not easy to become the beach swimmer. Success could not be replicated while the culture could be inherited. As a youth entrepreneur, it is necessary and urgent to inherit the last generation’s spirit and culture.
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