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Dean Yan Jiehe Met Ripoll Asad, Prince of Syria
On May 11, Dean Yan Jiehe met Ripoll Asad, prince of Syria, in Beijing. Both parties exchanged hot issues at home and abroad in economic, political, humanistic and social fields.
Dean Yan shared news about the cooperation intention between Yan Family’s enterprise and Hamadan Province, Iran in terms of expressway and other infrastructures projects and expressed the enterprise’s caring for Middle East market by combining “the Belt and Road” strategy. He said, “We hope to pool “resources, wisdom and capital” advantages and to make contributions to economic interaction, political mutual trust, humanistic mutual integration between China and countries in Middle East.
Ripoll Asad told efforts made in recent years to promote social, economic and cultural exchange between China and countries in Middle East and between China and the whole world by combining his personal experience. He said, “I’m closely associated with China. I ever lived in China for many years and during that period, I already knew Dean Yan Jiehe and his enterprise; in particular, I cannot agree more on the idea for creating a smart city that Dean Yan put forward.”
Later, Dean Yan introduced his smart characteristic town Bama with more mountains and fewer waters and farmlands. He described the city’s distinct orientation oriented to global famous enterprises and international elites in detail and warmly invited Prince Ripoll Asad and other friends from Middle East to Bama, the most suitable place for living, entrepreneurship and tourism. The prince agreed happily and expressed his gratitude.
The meeting was also attended by Ji Wei—General Manager of Foreign Affairs Center of Huatuo CEO Forum Organizing Committee, and Li Huaxin-Deputy General Manager.
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