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Pacific Construction Group and China Railway International Group Signed A Contract of USD 2 Billion Infrastructures Construction Project with Ukraine
On the occasion of Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation on May 13-May 15, a season for a significant gather-together of all figures, Chairman Yan Hao led team to meet Ukraine Government delegation headed by Stepan Kubiv, the first deputy prime minister and trade minister of Ukraine, in Beijing for many times. They reached cooperation consensus after several rounds of communications and Pacific Construction Group and China Railway International Group jointly signed MOU (memorandum of understanding) for around USD 2 billion No. 4 Metro Line Construction Project in Kiev with Ukraine Government.
Realize greater achievements with joint efforts on the basis of realize mutual benefit and win-win
According to the cooperation, Pacific Construction Group and China Railway International Group jointly assisted Ukraine in obtaining concessional loan from Chinese financial institution and Treasury Department of Ukraine and Government of Kiev offered the corresponding guarantee. Under background of “the Belt and Road”, this is not only cooperation between countries but also trans-boundary win-win between central enterprise and private enterprise.
General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward in his speech the silk road spirits of “peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit” and emphasized the effect of greater achievements with joint efforts in the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF). The cooperation exactly inherits and carries forward essence of Silk Road spirits that General Secretary Xi advocates.
Kubiv, as the highest level of leader visiting China in recent three years, said in meeting with Chairman Yan on 13: To attend BRF in China would inject new power and create new opportunity for two countries’ development. China was Ukraine’s significant strategic partner and the second largest trading partner, and “the Belt and Road” initiative provided a good opportunity for Ukraine to realize trade diversification.
On 14, Ukraine delegation talked with us in Jingsun Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Yan Hao said in the talk: The cooperation was based on solid foundation: On the basis of critical trade partnership between China and Ukraine, China also included its largest rail transit construction enterprise- China Railway International Group and its largest private enterprise-Pacific Construction Group in mutual cooperation, which could be said as the organic combination of political advantage and economic vitality and perfect integration of “resources, wisdom and capital”.
Build a world famous Pacific Construction Group with “go out” strategy
On 15, Pavalo Shinik-Deputy Mayor of Kiev in Ukraine, Guo Qing—Vice Chairman of Board of Directors of Pacific Construction Group, and Chen Shiping—General Manager of China Railway International Group signed MOU respectively on behalf of the three parties at the witness of Kubiv. After signature, No. 4 Metro Line Project in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, would enter actual implementation stage. The line would link southwestern and northeastern regions of Kiev and construction cost of the project and vehicle was USD 2 billion totally.
“All business will be developed after road is established.” General Secretary Xi Jinping ever said, “The four years upon the proposal of “the Belt and Road” initiative is a very period when facility connection is strengthened constantly. A composite infrastructures network is being formed along ‘the Belt and Road’.”
Besides the cooperation with Ukraine, Yan Family’s enterprise reached cooperation intention with Iran, Kyrgyzstan and other countries along “the Belt and Road” about expressway and other infrastructures projects recently. By closely following “the Belt and Road” strategic pace and actively responding to the call of national construction, Yan Family’s enterprise is accelerating the pace for going out.
Civilization will be developed in opening up and nations will coexist in integration. Along “the Belt and Road”, funds, technology and personnel are flowing rapidly and commodities, resources and achievements are being shared. World’s multipolarization, economic globalization and social informatization and cultural diversity need “the Belt and Road”, which, on the contrary, welcomes the full involvement of the Belt and Road more Chinese enterprises.
“The Belt and Road” conforms to times trend and objective law and the global strategy of Yan Family’s enterprise complies with enterprise development. Development pace of one private enterprise is again highly unified with the macro pace of the country’s opening to the outside world.
The cooperation also interprets Yan Family’s vision excellently: Pacific Construction Group aims at expanding its business to the whole Pacific region! 
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