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Chairman Yan Hao Went to Urumchi to Greet Front-line Workers for Projects under Construction
On July 4, Yan Hao, Chairman of Huatuo CEO Forum Organizing Committee and Chairman of Board of Directors of Pacific Construction Group, went to the first construction line of Chengbei New District Underground Comprehensive Pipe Rack Project and Beautiful Village Project in Urumchi High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Xinjiang to visit and greet the first-line workers, who were still working in hot summer.
Chairman Yan went to construction site and inspected project construction in person. He understood problems in project construction and guided construction in site; Yan affirmed achievements of various departments in comprehensive pipe rack and other projects under construction and put forward higher requirements. Yan emphasized, “Chengbei New District Underground Comprehensive Pipe Rack Project is our first pipe rack project in Urumchi so we must attach great importance to it. We should adhere to idea for “safety first, reputation second and efficiency third” and be careful and strict in construction and management; highlight safety production and accelerate construction progress constantly; strictly control project quality , execute progress report and accountability system and spare no efforts to build a conscientious and honorary project benefiting future generations that we create in Xinjiang; live up to trust and major entrustment of government and people in the high-tech industrial development zone and create satisfying project for people in Urumchi.”
All first-line workers were surprised and moved for Yan’s visit. They committed to work with great efforts and enthusiasm, diligence, strong sense of responsibility and persistence and make contributions to national “the Belt and Road” construction.
The visit was companied by Yang Jie and Dai Risheng-CEO of Pacific Construction Group, Zhao Jiaqiang-Chairman of Board of Directors of Atlantic Construction LLC, Zhang Cheng and Ma Jinbao-Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors.
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