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Fortune Global 500 Sutaihuaxi Amply Rewarded Outstanding Students in Chuxiong

On April 25, the first stop of 2017 Huatuo CEO Forum Individuality Scholarship Tour Award Ceremony was grandly held in Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan. In the ceremony themed with “Focusing on, Respecting and Protecting Individuality” and aimed at training will and building the strong”, Yan Jiehe, honorary chairman of Huatuo CEO Forum Organization Committee and dean of Wuwei College, Yin Libing, deputy chairman of board of directors and CEO of Huatuo Group, Hou Xinhua, secretary of Party Committee of Chuxiong Prefecture, Zhao Haixian, deputy secretary of Party Committee of Chuxiong Prefecture, Zhao Keyi, member of standing committee of Party Committee of Chuxiong Prefecture and standing deputy prefecture governor, Zhao Xiaoming, member of standing committee of Chuxiong Prefecture and secretary general and other leaders awarded RMB 10,000 scholarship to 210 students in Chuxiong Prefecture respectively, who were individual, smart, kind, diligent and well-built. The award ceremony was presided over by Guan Litong, member of standing committee and deputy governor of Chuxiong Prefecture.
This was the fifth successive year that Sutaihuaxi held individuality scholarship activity in Yunnan. By breaking the tradition of awarding 100 students in every city, it awarded 210 students in Chuxiong Prefecture once, which fully displayed Fortune Global 500 enterprise’ care for outstanding students in Yunnan.
In award ceremony, Dean Yan Jiehe gave a wonderful speech, which had a strong resonance among all teachers, students, parents and leaders at present. Dean Yan said, “‘the so-called individuality’ means ‘smartness, kindness but disobedience’ that children have. A child without these qualities cannot become a big man. 99% of international influential men are those that teachers do not like. Children must be smart and kind and obey to their own hearts.” Then Dean Yan told everyone by taking family education experience as instance: It was the excellent tradition of Yan Family to cultivate children’s disobedience. Children should be provided with education of fraud since childhood and made them listen to their own hearts and walk along this their own roads. Under current educational system, the road for trying to be No. 1 in examination was almost unsuccessful. Therefore, we should pay more attention to quality, competence, dedication and style more rather than highlight educational degree, title, experience, contribution and morality only.
Dean Yan gave a vivid moral education class to those immature students through the two cultural films Mother’s Love Is like Water and Father’s Love Is like Mountain. He pointed out, “‘Kindness’ is the basic quality that outstanding students should enjoy. Children should respect their parents and only parents are respectable teachers. Father’s love is like waterfall, solemn and stirring; mother’s lover is like stream, winding and endless. What’s social responsibility? The basic standard is that we should be responsible for those who give birth to us and who we give birth to. If we can do that, our family will be full of sweetness and light and our society will become get harmonious and peaceful.” Then he encouraged to students awarded with individuality scholarship to have grand ambition and make parents live with integrity and honor.
Lofty men speak less but do great jobs; everyone was deeply touched by the two great shorts films and Yan’s vivid words. After playing the films, all gave rounds of thunderous applauses, and even many shed moved tears.
Hou Xinhua expressed admiration for Sutaihuaxi’s extensive and profound enterprise culture and was moved by strong social responsibility that the enterprise showed. He said: Education was the core of people's livelihood. It was not only related to national development but also involved with Chuxiong’s future. In recent years, Party committee and government of Chuxiong Prefecture regarded educational as a guiding, overall and fundamental project and gave priority to it in terms of deployment implementation, capital input and policy guidance, so as to develop educational business in the whole prefecture on an excellent, balanced, coordinated and rapid basis. Huatuo CEO Forum Individuality Scholarship was aimed to concern teenagers’ individuality growth and to cultivate their pioneering, innovation and updating spirits; it also showed Sutaihuaxi’s strong sense of social responsibility. The success of this award ceremony would create the excellent atmosphere for respecting knowledge and innovation, promote students’ individuality growth greatly and exert a profound influence on students in Chuxiong Prefecture.
Award student representative also expressed sincere gratitude. Li Fangbin, from Chuxiong Beipu High School, said: Huatuo CEO Forum Organization Committee’s recognition made us believe “there must be a use for my talent” more and the honor would offer flying wings for growth of individuality students. In individuality display link, award students’ wonderful performance, such as guzheng performance and Yi Nationality dance, not only showed the beautiful landscape and regional ethnic customs to everyone at present but also proved their own strength and displayed boundless charm for individuality development. Everyone at present applauded for their splendid performance.
Both growth of enterprise and prosperity of country are dependent on individuality talents. Individuality talents promote individuality education, which cultivates “eagles” of nation; “eagles” of nation creates a powerful county. It would be the best if more individuality talents cut a figure and more inter-disciplinary talents stand out with implementation of “Huatuo CEO Forum Individuality Scholarship”, so that “Chinese dream” is solidly based and has a bright tomorrow.
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