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Bama International Ecological Tourism Health Preservation Project of Pacific Construction Group Was Signed

Dean Yan Jiehe gave such praise to Bama County of Longevity in the world:  Underground magnetic field (geomagnetism), surface water (micro cluster water), resources on the ground (animals and plants rich in selenium and manganese), oxygen in the air (negative oxygen ion) and light in the sky (far infrared ray).
On May 25, cooperation and signing ceremony of “Bama International Ecological Tourism Health Preservation Town Project” funded and established by Pacific Construction Group was grandly held in Bama County, Hechi City, Guangxi, where Dean Yan Jiehe and Lan Haizhou, head of Bama County, signed respectively on behalf of the two parties.
The signing ceremony was witnessed by Wang Jun, member of Standing Committee of Hechi City and secretary of the Party Committee of Bama County, Yan Jieqing, senior consultant of Pacific Construction Group, Zhang Weifeng, chairman of Board of Directors of Suchen Group, James Gu, former senior executive of the World Bank, four leadership teams and various department leaders of Bama County, Li Chungen, deputy head of Jing’an County, Yichun City, Jiangxi, Lu Taichun, director of Urban Construction Bureau and Qi Xiaohu, director of Urban Management Bureau.
The Project is situated on the northern shore of Cifu Lake in central zone of Bama County, i.e., the County of Longevity in the world, with occupation area for 4,235 mu or so and a total investment for RMB 50 billion. In future, Pacific Construction Group will create an international ecological health preservation demonstration area integrating leisure and health preservation center, medical examination center, education center, training center, group consultation and integration center, headquarters and branch base of top 500 enterprises and homeland of international influential man there, a best place for living, business and travel.
Before signing, all persons watched The First Bucket of Gold of Pacific Construction Group and propaganda film for Bama’s plan. In the ceremony, Dean Yan Jiehe delivered a speech on behalf of project investor first. He emphasized, “I am very excited today. I actively responded to spirit of General Secretary Xi’s speech ‘Doing a New Long March Again’ and signed to fulfill my second Long March in life: I will spend another 20 years displaying our masterpiece in Bama to all mankind with confidence.”
Later, Dean Yan had an outlook for the future “Bama International Ecological Tourism Health Preservation Town”: Make Cifu Lake decorated with green water and mountain and far beyond the standards of Hammarby Lake City and Malmo Eco-city in Northern Europe; build Bama into a world’s business card. He also expressed gratitude for Hechi’s and Bama’s governments trust for Yan Family and for generations of genetic and cultural inheritance. He gave thanks to Deng Xiaoping, a man making Chinese have sense of acquisition through reform and opening-up policy; thanks to Xi Jinping, a man making Chinese have sense of safety by ruling by laws. He said: A slight of trust from the government could generate a great responsibility to us. They must undertake their responsibility with all efforts. They solemnly promise: In the first ten years of the second 20-year Long March, they must be recognized by people all over the world. Pacific Construction Group would go forward and do the best boldly and confidently and build this Project into a conscience and honor project bringing benefits from generation to generation with hard work and determination.
Finally, Wang Jun summarized, “Dean Yan Jiehe is warmly welcomed to Bama for the second entrepreneurship. With Yan Family’s powerful resources, wisdom and capital, the future Bama will be a brand-new, satisfactory and international place. Thanks for Pacific Construction Group for its benefits brought to Bama’s 300,000 people.” Later, he cited Dean Yan’s wonderful words “moving Bama and achieving Bama” to call on all Bama’s people present to coordinate with Pacific Construction Group actively and jointly build this world-class great plan.
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