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Chairman Yan Hao Attended 2016 Hurun Annual Gala Dinner

On November 4th , the 2016 Hurun 100 Richest Anniversay and the Most Respected Entreprenuer Award Gala Dinner was glamously held in Beijing. Chairman Yan Hao invited by Hurun, the founder himself attended the gala event and delivered the award of Most Respected Engreprenuer in India as a special guest on the ceremony. 
“The Most Respected Entreprenuer Award” is the highest honor on the Hurun’s annual cerebrantion. It is based on the evaluation upon all influential entreprenuers in China and Asia that has been widely acknowledged by the entrepreneurs group and also the media so far. Mr. Yan Hao co-witnessed the 18th grand ceremony and the deliveries of valuable awards with other 60 VIPs listed on the Furun 100 Richest such like Ji Keliang, Zong Qinghou, Lu Zhiqiang, Xu Rongmao, Chen Lihua, Yan Bin, He Qiaonv, Zhou Jianpin, Zhao Tao etc.from domestic and overseas business fields, global top brands and mainstream media friends. 
The awards the Hurun Gala Dinner delivered include Life-Time Achievement, the Most Respected Entreprenuer, The Most Globly Visioned Entrepreneur, Investment and Innovation, Investment and Contribution, Industrial Leadership, Business Legendary Leader and Future Star Award among which the 2016 Most Respected Entrepreneur Award was the most noticed prize awarding the entrepreneur who is accomplished in all relevant fields and acts as the leader in the whole industry. Yan Hao was invited to deliver this award to Mr. Divyank Turakhia, the founder and CEO of media.net. He was the only Indian entrepreneur who received an award on the event. 
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