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Fortune Global 500 Pacific Construction Group Was Settled in Xinjiang
Dean Yan Jiehe Had a Meeting again with Bob Hawke, Former Premier of Australia, in Shanghai.
Chairman Yan Hao Attended 2016 Fortune CEO Summit
Yan Jiehe attends “The Fifth International Infrastructure Investment & Construction Summit Forum”
The Founder of CPCG Yan Tied Sino-Australia Relationship with His “New Analects”
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The SuTai Hua System 2016 Target Sprint & 2017 Strategy Conference Held in Huaian
On Nov 13th, Su Tai Hua group system held successfully the 2016 Target Sprint & 2017 Strategy Conference in Huaian. The conference clear-cut the latest development structure and strategic blueprints of the Su Tai Hua, Zhuang Yan and Ya Lan group system, as well as set objectives for STH system 2016’s perfect ending, delineating stratagic concepts and implemention standard for all the big platforms and branch groups. Yan Jiehe, the Principal of Wuwei Academy of Classical Learning and Chairman of the Board of Ya Ren He Education Group made an strategical guidelines while Yan Hao, Chairman of the Hua Tuo Lun Jian Orgnizing Committee, Chairman of the Board of Pacific Construction made a final summarizing delopyment. All chairmans of the board and core teams from STH’s big platforms and branch groups atttended the conference. 
After viewing the promotional video of“Qingyuan Feixia”, Principal Yan launched a guidance address of which he announced the opening of a new journey for the group called “LanYan Taking off, ZhuangYan Riding Fast, MengCheng Arrow Competing”Regarding the Group’s structure, the who enterprese will access to a fast lane of three systems, 30 platforms and 300 groups and 3000 companies. On the future bluprint, the Confucius Institute will be settled down in Huaian renamed as “Zhuang Yan Academy of Classical Learning. The 3.3.3. ( 3 mountain systems, 3 lake systems and 3 therapeutic pools) and the 5.5.5. ( 55 sqaure meter land, 55 groups, 55 architectural complexs, 55 scenic spots, 55 layers of logos) will settle down in Hanshan of Anhui, taking duties of construtions over 9 centers, 2 bases and 2 home estates in realizing the dream of “My University and My City”
Principal Yan Jiehe pointed out that except the established“Jiu Yang”, STH will deploy enormous platforms of Tianjing Pacific Construction, Anhui Pacific Construction and Zhejiang Pacific Construction along China’s south-easten coastline areas. He emphysized that at the internal management level, all the platforms must upgrade the financing rate and quality, ensuring the monitoring by the Board of Supervisors within administrative range, so to outlet the biggest energy, while at the external competition level, STH should lay stress on the cultivation of “soft power”to realize a realm of “invisible but tangible, low profile but powerful”that turns the managing projects, assets and manpower to team management, owner’s management and social management. 
After that, all the chairmans of the board and core teams from the platforms got on the stage in order by profit ranking from January to October 2016, reporting this year’s traget fulfillment and strategies in next year regarding objectives set upon team building, financing targets and division plans. The following procedure was the branch groups making plans for 2017 profit growth rate and numbers of divided branch companies. Principla Yan gave his comments upon the reports and addressed the general development planning of “focusing on the market intead of project, focusing on future instead of the present, focusing the public credit instead of profit”
Chairman Yan pointed out during the final summary & deployment that if Pacific Construction aims to a hundred year brand, the cultural education and maintanance of the growing paths will be critical deployment for future sustainable development. He said that as a big platform’s chairman of the board, the vision upon macro strategies, the planing for 5 or 10 year development on the highway along with telants cultivation, organizational structure and maintanance for the develoment pathways should be certainly taken into consideration. As for small platform chairmans they should insist on fixed macro strategies and to cope well with marketing, managing and auditting work. He stressed that all the platforms and branch groups need to have a sense of urgency and crisis so as to catch every development opportunity under the positive cooperate culturel. Only successes make the heroes. 
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