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A Bowl of Noodles---Mr. Yan Jiehe’s Breakfast on Father’s Day
Father’s Day is a special occasion for fathers and their children. But today some people are still far away from home and Mr. Yan is one of them. He has to do so because his work is connected with destiny of tens of thousands of his employees and that of a large corporation.
 Mr. Yan, founder of Su Tai Hua Group and author of New Analects of Confucius, never stops his journey since he started up his business. During the past years, Mr. Yan have been traveling across the country and the world. Due to his efforts, the company has become the largest one in China’s private sector and top one in construction industry among global private companies. In spite of his achievements and wealth, he still lives a simple life and even does not have much time for breakfast.  At the morning of Father’s Day, he only ate a bowl of noodles and still didn’t not have time for a rest.
He cannot remember how many days he have spent on meetings, negotiations, business trips and seminars. He met numerous people and visited hundreds of cities. Such hard work never discourages him because he is not only the head of his family and the company, but also more like the father of his employees. He believes that his efforts contribute to their development and growth.
Since mid-June, Mr.Yan has been busy in attending conferences and meetings. His love for employees is as gentle as spring rain, as lofty as mountains and as deep as the ocean.
A bowl of noodles reflects his attitude towards life. Mr. Yan once said, “We should always maintain composure when facing adversities and criticism and keep clear-minded when achieving something and being praised. One should also adapt to busy work and be capable of enjoying life.” His remarks and love for employees teaches them on how to grow mature and develop their career.
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