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Mr. Yan Jiehe's Meeting with Vice Governor of Hubei Province
On June 19th, Mr. Yan Jiehe met with Mr. Gan Rongkun, vice governor of Hubei province and other leaders from local government. The two sides exchanged their ideas on relocation of Huatuo CEO Organizing Committee in Wuhan city and on the company's future investment and development in Hubei province. 
Mr. Yan started with taxation reform and contributions made by companies to tax revenues. Then attendees of the meeting watched promotional videos of CPCG and listened Mr. Yan's experiences of starting his business, introduction of Su Tai Hua Group and his view about the role of construction industry in China's economy. When analyzing China's economic landscape and development momentum, he said, "Now in China, border areas are catching up with coastal areas and the focus of development is beginning to transfer from inland areas to the ocean. As cities located in border areas and alongside rivers, Wuhan, Ruili(located in Yunan province) and Kashgar(located in Xinjiang province) enjoy large development potential. So in order to adapt to new changes of economic landscape, the organizing committee plans to relocate its headquarters as well as 'nine centers and two bases' in Wuhan, which enjoys a strategic location and large potential in attracting investment. The relocation aims to help Wuhan in smart city building and to cultivate new industry chain that is more influential in China and the world. In urban construction, protection and development are equally important. This is also the strategy adopted by Su Tai Hua Group and has been applied in Lanzhou New Area." When talking about relationship with government, Mr. Yan said, "The relationship between government and business is subtle. The government needs to streamline administration and delegate more power and companies needs to develop themselves in a transparent way. Since its founding, Su Tai Hua Group always sticks to the principle of developing itself in a transparent way with respect for law and rules and no engagement in political corruption and therefore gains its leading role in the industry. Now in Huhan, the group is willing to take part in city development by using its strengths."
  After introducing Huhai and its development plan, Mr. Gan pointed that the group's strength was highly recognized and its relocation was truly a foresighted decision. "In spite of its various strengths and special position as pilot area of reform and opening-up, the city still lags behind due to lack of high-end platform. We sincerely hope that Huhai would be the next host city for Huatuo CEO Forum and take this opportunity to finish its first step towards smart city and going global strategy." Mr. Gan said. His request was granted by Mr. Yan, who then introduced the process of the forum. Mr. Yan also pointed that the organizing committee would help the city build a better image and brand by making better use of various resources and the core values of the committee.
The attendees also included senior managerial personnel from the committee and Huatuo Group and other leaders from local government.
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