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Joint Conference for Five-Arm System Held in Huai’an

 On the morning of May 6th, Huatuo Organizing Committee held the joint conference for five-arm system in Huan’an. The conference was attended by Yan family and senior managerial personnel from five-arm system and subsidiaries and was hosted by Liu Anqi, CEO of Huatuo ceo committee. During the conference, the new change or fission of five-arm system was declared.      
  After listening to instructions of Mr Yan, dean of Pacific Business School, chairmen from subordinate groups made work report and shared their experience. Mr Yan helped them analyze problems in operating activities and internal management and proposed solutions. Then representatives from other groups delivered speeches at the conference.
  Mr Yan encouraged the senior managerial personnel and told them they not only had power but also responsibilities and pressure. In order to bring more inspirations, Mr Yan explained why Indian Ocean Group was established. “As the world economy is more dependent on marine economy, whoever seizes more opportunities will gain more development in the future. Ruili is on the forefront of opening up and is connected with Myanmar by mountains and rivers. The development of Ruili port will reduce overdependence on Strait of Malacca and save 1000 kilometers or 20 days. Two provinces, Yunnan and Guangxi, are of strategic importance and that is where our attention will be.”
   Then senior managerial personnel summarized what had been achieved and outlined what would be done.
  Ms Yan Xin pointed out in her speech that we should simplify what seems complicated and do our work perfectly and maintain the character of simplicity.
  Mr Yan Hao said that operating activities and management were all important and quick payment collection was critical for development.
  At the end of the conference, Mr Yan said, “the competition among large companies comes down to soft power, namely wisdom and virtue. Only with good reputation, hard power and soft power, management and operating activities will the fleet of our company will be able to forge ahead.”
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