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【Xin Hua Net】The Hua Tuo Personality Scholarship Awards a Hundred Students in Ba Dong
Xin Hua Net Hu Bei statin August 20th reports (Ding Jun Hao), the Hua Tuo Personality Scholarships with the theme of “Focus on Personality, Respect Personality, Protect Personality “and the core values of “Strengthen the Mind” arrives at Hu Bei province’s Miao autonomous prefecture Ba Dong county. Yan Hao, chairman of the Hua Tuo CEO Committee and board of directors of CPCG, presented 100 middle and elementary students with personality scholarships, each valued 10 thousand RMB.
The “Hua Tuo Personality Scholarship” was established on November of 2011 and since then the scholarship has gone on 4 circuits. The scholarship was tested in 5 cities in 2012, which extended to 25 cities in 2013, and 55 cities in 2014. It now covers all 31 Provinces of the country. This is the 4th time the scholarship aided students of the Hu Bei province. Its previous scholarships in the province held in Shi Yan county, Dan Jiang Kou county, and Lao He Kou San Shi county.
Yan Hao expresses that the “Hua Tuo Personality Scholarship” is a progressive scholarship focused on personality and creative natures of young students. It differs from other scholarships in that it is not designed to aid the poor, rather to aid in the development and restructuring of the education system of China. It aims to develop stronger minds and personalities for excelling students. Yan Hao expresses his perspective that reputation is the most important aspect of an enterprise and a entrepreneur must be aware of his charge in social responsibility.
Dan Yan Ping, deputy secretary of Ba Dong county government, and county magistrate, expressed in her speech that for the past 15 years, Ba Dong’s education quality has ranked amongst the top of the entire prefecture. The county has been awarded and mentioned multiple times for the state of its education. The “Hua Tuo Personality Awards’ gave the state of education in the county a strong push towards a grander better future.
According to introduction, the Su Tai Hua Group under the Hua Tuo CEO Committee has entered Fortune 500 companies many times and is ranked 156th in 2015. The group has grown to include CPCG, Su Shang group, Hua Tuo Construction and other entities, 35 in total. The group has been involved in the investment and construction of over 1000 cities and 3000 areas. Yan Hao expresses that Ba Dong is rich in history, culture, and resources. CPCG wishes to co-operate and aid Ba Dong in infrastructural construction and improvement, further developing the charm of cities in the county.
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