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Fortune Global 500 Pacific Construction Group Was Settled in Xinjiang
Dean Yan Jiehe Had a Meeting again with Bob Hawke, Former Premier of Australia, in Shanghai.
Chairman Yan Hao Attended 2016 Fortune CEO Summit
Yan Jiehe attends “The Fifth International Infrastructure Investment & Construction Summit Forum”
The Founder of CPCG Yan Tied Sino-Australia Relationship with His “New Analects”
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【People’s Daily Overseas Edition】Global Business and Political Leaders convene at the Yangcheng Conference
‘HuoTuo CEO Committee’ was held in GuangZhou BaiYun international conference center where Bill Clinton, ex-president of the United States, Tony Blair, ex-prime minister of Britain, Kevin Michael Rudd, ex-prime minister of Australia, Lee Ming-Bak, ex-president of Korea, James Mancham, first president of Seychelles, Keener Spiering, American economist, Thomas Sargent, economics nobel prize winner, and other political and economical figures of importance convene in Yangcheng to discuss with Chinese business leaders, lead by Yan Jie He, topics of “World Economic Opportunities and Challenges”, “Economic Reforms of China”, “Urbanization”, “Education Industry Reforms”, “World Polution”, and other such important issues. The winner of the “most attractive city of China” is also revealed at the conference.
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