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Chinese Commercial Times: Hundreds of Private Entrepreneurs Discussed at Harvard University
With the establishment of the Twelfth Five-year Plan, Chinese economy is at the turning point of transformation. It is very important to the nation that how private economic sector can find a way in the future; considering how to be creative, to expand the market, and to deal with the challenges after the global financial crisis.
Under this new economic situation, China’s private entrepreneur Mr. Yan Jiehe united the resources of private enterprises through the CPCG CEO Forum and Zhenghe fleet to achieve a higher business level. The trip to United States organized by enriching people forum (a sub forum of the CPCG CEO forum) had invited over two hundred leaders of China’s enterprise. The principal of the trip was expected to expand the vision of Chinese business elites and find a new direction in private economic sector.
As reported, the trip lasted for 18 days, including visits to Washington, New York, West Point, Boston, Harvard University, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, and activities such as Harvard China General Conference held by Harvard. The trip was aiming to successfully promote the cultural exchange of China and the United States, strengthen the understanding and trust among Chinese entrepreneurs, and extend the possibilities of establishing transnational business co-operation in future.
When arrived at the New York, the members were warmly welcomed by the former president of United States Bill Clinton and fellow political and business dignitaries. Mr. Clinton made a speech at Time Square to explain the increasing interdependency between nations while facing same challenges, and pointed out the way people should move on together.

Mr. Clinton and Mr. Yan Jiehe(the organizer of the trip) also discussed Chinese economic situation and the development of enterprises specifically.
“The purpose of this trip was to express our strength in business development and the desire of cooperating with the world in this post-crisis era, hoping to improve the understanding and Sino-US trust in either economics or communities.” Yan Jiehe said. He admitted that China is now at a historical turning point; private enterprises have to unite together to expand business wisely and creatively.
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