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Han Zheng Visited the Stand of CPCG and the Yan Family Attended the Opening Ceremony of CAEXPO
Yan Hao was Invited to Attend the Fourth China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo, Delivered a Key-note Speech and Witnessed a Signing Ceremony
Yan Hao was Invited to Attend the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Beijing Summit
CPCG Becomes the First Exclusive Diamond Strategic Partner of the China-ASEAN Exposition
Mr. Yan Hao was Consecutively Elected as Vice President of China Individual Labor Association
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Dean Yan Jie He Visited Qinzhou for Inspection, and the Two Parties Had a Conversation and Obtained Substantial Progress

On July 16 to July 17, Dean Yan Jie He visited Qizhou, Guangxi for inspection and was warmly welcomed by Tang Zongyuan (the Mayor of Qinzhou), Han Liu (Municipal Standing Committee & deputy mayor) and Lu Ming (secretary-general of municipal government), etc.; the two parties had a conversation and achieved substantial progress.
In the conversation, Mr. Yan pointed out that, Maowei Sea of Qinzhou is a great tourism resource. The development of Maowei Sean and relevant island shall take the current development situation into consideration and also shall foresee the potential advantage; both protective development and exploitive protection are needed. CPCG will always hold the principle of “Fast in speed, superior in quality and low in cost” to assist Qinzhou City in its infrastructure construction, and will set the headquarters in Guangxi of Su Tai Hua Group (the 1st World Top 500 enterprise of CPCG) and Blue Media Group (in the progress to become the future 2nd World Top 500 enterprise of CPCG) under the Yan kindred in Qinzhou City to stay with Qinzhou People for mutual development.
Tang Zongyuan expressed that, Qinzhou City, the key town in south region of the Five Ridges in China which is located at the core area of the seaside Golden Triangle of Guangxi with picturesque landscape and being the core area of National Level Beibu Gulf Strategy with the infrastructure being underdeveloped, keenly anticipates the investment and cooperation from CPCG. After negotiation the two parties preliminary reached the cooperation intention for investment of road network projects of 5000 Million Yuan within 5 years.
Other participants of this conversation included major leaders of departments in Qinzhou City including Development and Reform Commission, Housing construction committee, bureau of finance, road transport bureau, Seaside New City and High-tech Zone, etc., as well as Huang Yanbing (vice-chairman of the board & CEO of directors of No. 1 Group of CPCG), Jiang Weisheng (President), Wei Wanwan (Vice-president), and (COO of No. 6 Group of CPCG), etc. (Article/Picture: Yu Wennian & Wei Wanwan from No. 1 Group of CPCG)
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