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Han Zheng Visited the Stand of CPCG and the Yan Family Attended the Opening Ceremony of CAEXPO
Yan Hao was Invited to Attend the Fourth China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo, Delivered a Key-note Speech and Witnessed a Signing Ceremony
Yan Hao was Invited to Attend the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Beijing Summit
CPCG Becomes the First Exclusive Diamond Strategic Partner of the China-ASEAN Exposition
Mr. Yan Hao was Consecutively Elected as Vice President of China Individual Labor Association
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Chairman Yan Hao visited Meizhou City, Guangdong to Promote the Implementation of the Construction Project

On July 7, the delegation including Chairman Yan Hao visited Pingyuan County and Fengshun County in Meizhou City, Guangdong for inspection and negotiation.
In the morning, the delegation including Chairman Yan Hao was warmly welcomed by Liu Xuchuan (head of Pingyuan County) and Huang Xinsheng (head of the management committee of the industrial transfer industrial park of Pingyuan County), and they had a conversation and promoted the substantial progress of the project cooperation in which the park field leveling project with the construction cost of 33 Million Yuan will enter the bid progress and in the later period the project with an investment of 200 Million Yuan will enter the preparation progress one after another. In the conversation, Liu Xuchuan introduced in details the urban planning of Pingyuan County that Pingyuan County will gradually develop into an ecology slow-pace city via its layout of “One city with two districts”. The support from CPCG is expected in the progress of construction to accelerate it, and realize the goal of mutual construction, sharing and win-win. Chairman Yan Hao expressed that we are sincere to be here in Pingyuan County, and with the steady development of Pingyuan nowadays, we have confidence in the future cooperation. In the construction progress, we will shorten the construction period with the precondition of high quality and low cost, meanwhile without subcontracting or outsourcing, and fully express the strength of a large enterprise.
In the afternoon, the delegation including Chairman Yan Hao visited Fengshun County and had an in-depth conversation with Zeng Yongxiang, the head of Fengshun County, regarding the specific cooperation project. The two parties conducted substantial communication on the basis of having signed the framework agreement of 1500 Million Yuan; Chairman Yan Hao expressed that, we hope to construct model engineering with good reputation, expand a new market here and realize the ultimate goal of win-win instead of emphasizing only a single project. Zeng Yongxiang expressed that with the profound enlightenment by The New Analects of Confucius he truly experienced the extensive and profound corporate culture of CPCG.
Liu Jiaxiang, the chairman of the board of the No. 2 Group of CPCG, Zhang Yihui (chairman of the board of No. 3 Construction Group), Sha Weidong (CEO), Liu Feifan (President of No. 4 Construction Group), Wang Jue (President of No. 22 Construction Group), etc. accompanied the visit. (Article: Yang Jing from No. 22 Group of CPCG)
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