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Fortune Global 500 Pacific Construction Group Was Settled in Xinjiang
Dean Yan Jiehe Had a Meeting again with Bob Hawke, Former Premier of Australia, in Shanghai.
Chairman Yan Hao Attended 2016 Fortune CEO Summit
Yan Jiehe attends “The Fifth International Infrastructure Investment & Construction Summit Forum”
The Founder of CPCG Yan Tied Sino-Australia Relationship with His “New Analects”
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Introduction — New Analects of Confucius


Penned by Chairman Yan Jiehe, which has three different editions, the 2012 edition is the final and official.  It originated from the 2009 edition, has arrived at today’s integrated,official edition based upon the accumulated efforts in the past three years. The Xinhua Press publishes this final edition and it expounds Chairman Yan’s view on how to become a successful entrepreneur. The three volumes are : 

First Volume <Growing: Learning, Thinking and Practicing >
It is advocated that people should learn moderately, think unconstrainedly and act within boundaries”, as learning without thinking is labor lost; thinking without practicing is perilous. 
Second Volume <Maturity: Modesty, Tenacity and Composure>
It suggests people to balance humility and self-respect, to be tough as well as persistent and to have both enthusiasm and ration; as being humble without tenacity is fragile, and being tough without enthusiasm is vulnerable. 
Third Volume <Success: Talent, Virtue and Vision> 
It encourages people to persists in your area of competence, to pursue moral virtue and broad mind, as being talented without morality is vicious, being virtuous without vision is mediocre.
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