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Fortune Global 500 Pacific Construction Group Was Settled in Xinjiang
Dean Yan Jiehe Had a Meeting again with Bob Hawke, Former Premier of Australia, in Shanghai.
Chairman Yan Hao Attended 2016 Fortune CEO Summit
Yan Jiehe attends “The Fifth International Infrastructure Investment & Construction Summit Forum”
The Founder of CPCG Yan Tied Sino-Australia Relationship with His “New Analects”
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Yan Jiehe

Founder of the Pacific Construction Group
Chief Contributor of “New Analects of Confucius”
Dean of Pacific Business School
“The Fortune Dark Horse”
The Most Creative Chinese Genius of World
National “Shining Star”
Top Ten Figures in Chinese Economy
Top Ten Chinese CEOs
Top Ten Chinese Leading Pioneer in Business
Top Ten Chinese Business Talents
The Most Influential Chinese Leader Among Asia-pacific Region
Top Ten Chinese Talented & Intelligent Figure
Top Ten Chinese Leader in Mainland China
Global Chinese Business Leader of Xingtan
Yan Jiehe was born in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province in 1960. He has rich life experiences as a teacher, leader of commerce and head of different companies for overall 10 years, respectively.
In 1995, Pacific Construction Group was officially established in Nanjing by Mr. Yan, which mainly engaged in the investment and construction of municipal projects, water conservancy, and transportation, and pioneered BT and BOOT mode in the industry. Since 2007, CPCG has ranked top 8 of the top 500 private enterprises, and climbed the slots into the top 50 among the top 1000 large enterprise groups.
Huatuo enterprise, founded in 2008 by Mr. Yan, was primarily for the purpose to be the first domestic think tank among the people. It takes the lead to be a newly competitive private enterprise economic union in international market where a new generation of entrepreneurial experts can be fostered in the Pacific Business School. At the end of 2012, Susun Group Co. Ltd., officially began its operations in Shanghai, aiming at combining infrastructure construction into the capital investment as a self-contained international group.
No matter from infrastructure to intellectual industry, or even in capital, culture, education field, Mr. Yan has been actively showing up at the top-tier forums at home and abroad for the past few years, delivering a great many speeches in Davos, Boao and other international forums. At the same time a series of lectures was also given by Mr. Yan at the world-renowned universities, various levels of governmental institutions and national television programs, notably, Harvard, Oxford, Wharton, China Central Party School, Tsinghua University, Peking University, and media such as CCTV, Phoenix TV etc.
Mr. Yan is targeting to make the best Chinese enterprise on a global scale.


Yan Hao
CEO of Pacific Construction Group
Chairman of Board of directors of Pacific Construction Group
Vice chairman of China Private-owned Business Association (CPBA)
Executive Vice Chairman of China Private Economy Research Society
2011 Outstanding CEO
2013 “Hurun Report’s Outstanding Entrepreneur Successor” Award
Born in 1986 in Huai'an, Jiangsu province in China, Yan Hao is the son of Yan Jiehe and a leading second-generation entrepreneur after China introduced its reform and opening-up policy in the late 1970s. During the 4-year college, Yan Hao spent 90% of his time in CPCG to have an in depth study of the businesses.  Yan Hao started his career from entry-level position as deputy director of general office of subordinate company, and then he was promoted to be general manager assistant, office director, deputy general manager, and finally general manager. After his graduation from university, he was promoted directly as the CEO of subordinate company. During his office time, the company constructed projects in Guizhou, Guangdong, Fujian, Shaanxi , Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Guangxi, and Shanxi. Under his lead, the company gained tons of honors and awards, including but not limited to “National Customer Satisfaction Award”, “The golden medal of construction steel structure of China”, honors of “Jiangsu Shining Star”, “The finest construction unit of Jiangsu province”, “The credit construction demonstration unit ”, “The advanced unit in tourism industry of Guizhou province” , “Advanced Unit of Guangxi Exposition Project”, “Outstanding Construction Unit of Daqing-Guangzhou Expressway” etc.
At the end of 2011, Yan Hao officially assumed office as Chairman of the board of directors of CPCG. During his office time, CPCG experienced a completely leading mode transformation. With his outstanding management skill and extraordinary performance, he was awarded as 2011, 2013 Outstanding CEO, “Hurun Report’s Outstanding Entrepreneur Successor” as well as other honor and award. Yan Hao always adheres to the principle of “Dedicating to the corporate culture and keeping a standardized management system ” and taking “More attention on the mission and less consideration on people itself” as his life motto.
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