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Fortune Global 500 Pacific Construction Group Was Settled in Xinjiang
Dean Yan Jiehe Had a Meeting again with Bob Hawke, Former Premier of Australia, in Shanghai.
Chairman Yan Hao Attended 2016 Fortune CEO Summit
Yan Jiehe attends “The Fifth International Infrastructure Investment & Construction Summit Forum”
The Founder of CPCG Yan Tied Sino-Australia Relationship with His “New Analects”
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Founder’s Speech

The exuberant passion for success is rooted in the sense and sensibility, and the heroic composure while facing challenges is derived from the sound judgments. It is our great pride to have pioneered China's BT business model (build and transfer) and many of the 'No. 1' positions in our industry. In hindsight of our past development, gratitude, perseverance and determination charted those eventful days and nights full of enthusiasm and undaunted ambitions.
CPCG has achieved five critical transformations - from volume-driven to quality-focus, from rapid growth to sustainable stability, from brand-awareness to corporate reputation, from people-oriented management to process-driven management system, from reliance upon individuals leadership to truly team accountability. This transformational process has witnessed CPCG people's spirits of mutual-respect, humility, and sacrifice.
The corporate culture at CPCG is an invincible force permeating into whatever we pursue. Deeply rooted in the Chinese virtues and philosophies, our culture embraces both heritage and creativity. It nourishes our teams of elites, and it epitomizes our flagship of professionalism.
People at CPCG, with numerous opportunities to play with their own strength, are always encouraged to 'hunt in a pack' and to 'win for your team'. The right mind-set, the unique vision, and the indefatigable fighting attitude always help to lay the foundations of success. With the end in mind we take every day as a new start, taking upon the uncharted world! 

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