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Dean Yan Jiehe Had a Meeting again with Bob Hawke, Former Premier of Australia, in Shanghai.
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Dean Yan Jiehe Had a Meeting again with Bob Hawke, Former Premier of Australia, in Shanghai.

On November 16 and 17, Mr. Bob Hawke, Former Premier of Australia and honored as “Father of APEC” visited Wuzhen, China, and Susun Group Co., Ltd. Liu Yunshan, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, and Yan Jiehe, Dean of Wuwei Academy, had an in-depth exchange on Sino-Australian internet cooperation, economic interaction, political mutual trust and cultural integration with Mr. Hawke respectively in Wuzhen and Shanghai.
On the afternoon of November 17, Dean Yan met Premier Hawker in headquarters of Susun Group Co., Ltd., which was the second private meeting between them. Both parties exchanged their ideas and opinions on politics, economy, international relations, etc. in the meeting.
Yan wholeheartedly extended his gratitude for Hawker’s visiting, appreciation for Hawker’s huge efforts to his motherland’s investment promotion though elderly, and admiration for this old man’s nostalgia complex. After highly praising Mr. Hawker as an outstanding and admirable leader of Australia, Yan pointed out that everything was ready and his enterprise was standing by to stride into Australia. Yan also gave his hope that the cooperation with Australia could be solid and everlasting.
Relations between countries depend on the affinity between their people, and this depends on mutual trust. Yan emphasized: civilian power played a significant role in promotion of “economic interaction, political mutual trust and cultural integration” between countries and exploration for new idea of non-governmental diplomacy was a field that he was devoted to all the time. He believed, “99% of conflict should be ascribed to none or insufficient communication generally. Only through enhancing the mutual acquaintance, can two parties understand each other more and finally eliminate misunderstanding.” That is not only the responsibility of government but also the times task for every private entrepreneur that enjoyed global vision and strong social responsibility. Going to the Australia and even to the whole word is not just the proof for strength of China’s private enterprises under the background of new times more like the active action of those private enterprises’ extensive exchange in Chinese and Western cultures, strengthening self-improvement and seeking self-breakthrough.
Hawker agreed Yan’s opinions and highly affirmed that Sino-Australia cooperation must create win-win situation. Hawker praised that China was a responsible country; particularly, under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China had formulated the policy concerned and made many preparations to face the future changeable world situation actively and responsibly; he loved China deeply and also was highly confident of Sino-Australia cooperation. Hawker also appreciated Yan’s contribution to promotion of Sino-Australia friendly relationship through civilian power and indicated that he was perfectly willing to support Yan’s cause in Australia. Meanwhile, oriented to the current the hottest international relation - Sino-US relations, Hawker said, the relationship between China and the US, both great, were very significant in various international relations. Both China and the US were Australia’s very important cooperative partners; he, therefore, paid much attention to the future development of Sino-US relations. China’s economic growth and excellent Sino-US relations must bring a very peaceful and nice period for human history. He was looking forward to Sino-US cooperation.
Mr. Hawker, 88 years old now, has visited China for over 100 times. This visit for Susun Group Co., Ltd. was his 105th time to China; the last meeting with Dean Yan was his 100th time to China, which was before 2014 APEC Beijing Meeting.
Mr. Hawker set off his country by plane after one-day meeting. At parting, Hawker invited Yan and Yan’s family members to come to his home more than once and said goodbye to all optimistically, “Parting is the beginning of reunion and we will meet again soon!” Yan with all members of meeting team wished Hawker good health and a long life; wished he could keep a good contact with China forever!
This meeting was also attended by Josh Klenbort, the partner of Mr. Hawker, Ji Wei, General Manager of Foreign Affairs Center of Huatuo CEO Forum Organization Committee, and top management team in Shanghai of Susun Group Co., Ltd.
※Background: Bob Hawke (born on December 9, 1929), is the Former Premier of Australia (1983-1991), and a Rhodes Scholar and politician in Australia. Ever reappointed consecutively as Premier of Australia for four times, he is the record keeper for the longest term of office among premiers in the Australian Labor Party and for the highest approval rate of premier in Australia (75%). Hawker put forward the famous “Seoul Proposals” in his visit in Seoul in 1989; he, as a result, was honored as “Father of APEC”. Moreover, Hawker is devoted to promotion of Sino-Australia relations all the time; particularly for Beijing’s bid for 2008 Olympics, he made a tremendous contribution. Making an indelible influence on promotion and development of Sino-Australia relations, Hawke is praised as an “forever friend of the Chinese people”, a title that is granted by our Party and state and involved with 600 great men including Snow, Bethune, Kissinger, Nixon and King Sihanouk.
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