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The Founder of CPCG Yan Tied Sino-Australia Relationship with His “New Analects”
While the New Analects "Inheritance and Innovation Global Seminar • Oceania station" opened up in Sydney, the world-renowned Sydney Opera House suddenly became the world’s center on February 25, 15:30 Sydney time. With a great confluence of celebrities, it attracted tons of popular local mainstream media’s attention. This is the first time that The founder of CPCG Yan Jiehe, as a cultural envoy, went abroad kicking off his new book “New Analects of Confucius” international tour, to build a cultural bridge of Sino-Australia.

The former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, former vice mayor of the City of Sydney Guo Yaowen, the education counselor of Chinese Consulate General in Sydney Wang Xiaojia and other business and political leaders were invited to attend the seminar. Together with The founder of CPCG Yan Jiehe, they mainly centered on 3 hot topics, “Sino-Australia cultural convergence and amalgamation”, "New prospects of China's reform with the world economy stage"," Sino-Australian economic and trade cooperation”.


The founder of CPCG Yan Jiehe gave a witty and wonderful speech, quoting from classic works and citing the wisdom and essences of proverbs, which manifest the profoundness and extensiveness of traditional Chinese ancient culture and left us a impression of a confident, calm, humorous image of Chinese entrepreneurs that of unique charm.

“New Analects of Confucius”, also known as “New Study of Chinese ancient civilization”,was spoken highly of by Australian Prime Minister John Howard and strongly recommended by him to all the guests.

It is not unfamiliar for the founder of CPCG Yan Jiehe to have a face-to-face talk with John Howard. In the early 2011, John Howard was invited to attend “The second CPCG CEO Forum for Chinese and Foreign Political and Business Leaders”; this time for them is more like a friend’s reunion in Sydney. 

In terms of the culture syncretism and pluralism of Sino-Australia, John Howard expressed his disagreement against this point of view due to the fact that China and Australia has their own culture diversity, and culture uniqueness would be hidden by its inclusiveness and friendliness. Compared with traditional Chinese culture, both of the two culture show their openness and inclusiveness. It is vital to develop a partnership based on respecting different culture and have a better understanding of them, so that we could strengthen bilateral friendship to achieve a cultural fusion and complementation to each other.

The education counselor of Chinese Consulate General in Sydney Wang Xiaojia believed that Australian culture is vigorously diversified, but basically the continuation comes from the British culture. The reason resulting in different Western culture lies in the core values ​​of the different parties: westerners more focus on the individuality, personal growth, and development, whereas Chinese people are more family-oriented and ethnic-centered.
In recent years, it is not unusual that Chinese private entrepreneurs to take business visit and seek economic and trade cooperation opportunities abroad, however this is they, as cultural envoys, went abroad to enhance culture communications. Cross-culture communication is an essential way to improve the mutual understanding of each other, China and Australia is the pioneer on this.  
“Amity between people holds the key to sound relations between states” our national public relations should not be only concerned by the government, but every entrepreneurs need to think about." Yan Jiehe made such an interpretation.


John Howard expressed his sincere admiration to the sense of pride to national identity that the founder Yan Jiehe showed. In his view, despite of the different skin colors, different races, we all should cherish the culture identity and mission.  John Howard extended his warmly welcome to CPCG and other Chinese enterprise to invest in Australia to seek common development. 

Speaking of marine economy, Yan Jiehe said that Australia is surrounded by sea and USA are by the sea on both sides, whereas China are only enclosed on east side by the sea. Australia has its unique resources, environment and other advantages. We will always put the friendship first.
In recent years, when the "cultural power" rising as a national strategy, favorable policies, culture plates being touted in the capital markets, cross-border cooperation in industrial development is becoming a popular phenomenon, many business elites have crossed the border into the cultural industry.


Hengda spent one billion RMB to build China's first film covering the whole industry chain of Cultural Industry Group in 2010, or 2012 Wang Jianlin, Wanda Group successfully acquired the U.S. hand in AMC, became a 10% share of the global market share of the largest theaters Group and private enterprise CITIC Group, targeting at the Chinese media, culture, great entertainment market opportunities, enter the cultural and entertainment industries, etc., all the people suggesting the arrival of Chinese "big cultural era".

Mr. Yan was originated from a family that has rich education background; returning back education industry is his wish, with which he always believes that industrialization is the only way for Chinese education to survive in the education market. There are signs, both to the outside world to convey the overall trend of private capital to the transformation in cultural industry, but also demonstrates the cultural consciousness of contemporary private entrepreneurs and cultural self-confidence.

"Invincible cultural force. Unbreakable cultural force. Sustainable brilliant cultural force." The Seminar not only increased the mutual understanding between China and Australia but also strengthened mutual relation ties, from where we would become closer and closer to each other and realize culture blending.
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